Why You Should Use Amazon S3? – Comic Guide

Why You Should Use Amazon S3? – Comic Guide

Amazon S3 Tutorial

AWS S3 is one of the most fundamental service of AWS Cloud. 

It’s basically your unlimited and safest cloud storage.

Read this comic style conversation between two guys and get to know why some of the biggest companies in the world are using Amazon S3 for their business and why you should use it too.

One guy thinking about starting company like Netflix but worried that he will have to buy 1000s of Hard disks, and another guy telling him that they doesn't use Hard Disk
Second guy explaining to his friend that such companies uses AWS cloud storage i.e. Amazon S3 to store their data
First guy asks, 'But why do such companies go for AWS cloud storage solution? What are its benefit? Second guy replied, 'First of all, you can store unlimited amount of data in S3. You can even store a file as high as 5TB in size. So its safe to say you will never face low storage problem.
You can be rest assured that your data will never get lost. Because when you store your data in S3, it automatically securely copies your data to other places. So even if there one data center is down, your data is safe in other data center
S3 provides lots of security that keeps your data secure and only you will be able to access your data. You cans start your S3 with only the minimum amount of storage you need, later if you require you can easily scale up your storage without interrupting anything
AWS S3 is actually very cheap to use and some of the biggest companies in the world like Netflix, LinkedIn uses it.
You can learn about cloud technology on cloudforgeeks.com

By reading this conversation I hope you guys understood why Amazon S3 is backbone of some of the biggest companies in the world.

I hope you guys liked it, I tried my best to put it as casual and as informative as I can.

If you want to read such kind of comic tutorials on some specific cloud service then let me know in the comments.

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