AWS Auto Scaling Group Explained – Simplified through comics

AWS Auto Scaling Group Explained – Simplified through comics

Imagine you want to buy a gift from an e-commerce website for someone on Christmas.

And when you visit the website, it’s DOWN.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Since it’s a Christmas festival just like you many people are visiting the website for shopping.

This downtime results in customer frustration and loss of business for companies.

Now, the SOLUTION to this problem is…

Auto Scaling Group

Yes guys, in today’s blog we will learn about Auto Scaling concept and why it is so important.

This is a comic conversation tutorial between two guys that will explain you Auto Scaling concept easily.

There is one client and one server which is serving the client request perfectly.

Here you can see, we have a client and a server.

And everything is going well as our server perfectly serving the client requests.

Suddenly number of client increased and now there are 4 client which are being served by single server


Now suddenly the traffic increased.

And it is getting difficult for our server to handle so many clients.

Now that there are more clients accessing my server, I think I should add more servers to keep up with client requests.


To serve the increased traffic, we need to add more servers.

Now the guy added two servers that are serving four clients and everything is running smoothly,

Perfect! Now everything is running smoothly again.

Everything is going good now as I've added servers for increased traffic
Suddenly number of clients reduced to 2.

Well now suddenly traffic reduced.

Now we don’t want to waste our money by keeping the idle resources.

Oh my traffic reduced, I need to reduce my servers as well or I'll end up wasting money for idle resources.
Guy reduced the number of servers. Now there is only one server which is serving to two clients;
That was a lot of manual work, adding and removing servers everytime traffic changes. This also requires me to constantly monitor the traffic
But I don't want to do this manual work of adding servers every time my traffic increases or decreases.
Why don't you use AWS Auto Scaling Group. Instead of manually adding or removing servers every time your traffic increases or decreases,
You can have AWS ASG to do that for you automatically. When you use ASG with your servers, ASG will monitor your servers all the time.
When your traffic increases, ASG will automatically add more servers to serve the traffic and when the traffic gets down, ASG will automatically reduce the server and adjust to traffic
This gives you better fault tolerance, better availability and better cost management.
If you want to learn more about such cloud services then go to

I hope the Auto Scaling group concept is now clear.

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And stay tune for more such comic tutorials on AWS.

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  1. Ramesh

    Nice article..
    Really in “simplified ” way.
    Can you bring something on VPC?

    1. Pratik

      Thank you so much for the appreciation Ramesh.
      Yes I will post some tutorial on VPC also.

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