Load Balancer Explained – Simplified through Comics

Load Balancer Explained – Simplified through Comics


Load Balancer Explained in 5 minutes!

You might have heard about Load Balancer many times.

Welcome to this Load Balancer tutorial. 

Load Balancing basically means distributing network traffic across multiple servers.

This makes sure that no single server bears all the load on itself.

When the network traffic is balanced, applications run smoothly.

And like always here I’m back with another comic tutorial that will explain Load Balancer in the simplest possible manner.

Single server handling single client easily

From above image you can see, there is a simple client server scenario. Here there is only one client so our server is easily serving to client requests.

Single server serving two clients comfortably

Everything is going well when there are limited number of clients.

Single server is not able to server 4 client at the same time

But now when the number of client increases i.e. when the load on our server increases, that’s when the real problem begins.

One server can not bear the load of all the client requests.

To deal with this problem, we need more servers.

And also we need way through which all the load of client requests will be balanced among these servers.

Load Balancer is here

Here comes the Load Balancer.
Load Balancer is sits in front of your servers and guide all the incoming client requests (traffic) to servers.

In this way, no single server will be overloaded with traffic.

Load Balancer balancing the load of 4 client among two servers
That's what Load Balancer does. It balances the load of client requests between servers.
Load Balancer evenly distributes the load across multiple servers

Cloud providers like AWS and Azure have their own load balancing services like Elastic Load Balancer and Azure Load Balancer.

But before you study those services you need to be clear with your concept of load balancing.

I hope you guys liked this comic tutorial on Load Balancer.

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