What is Amazon RDS? Explained through Comics

What is Amazon RDS? Explained through Comics

Hi Guys, I’m back with another comic tutorial on AWS cloud service and this time I’m going to cover Amazon RDS.

You need a relational database? 

Like MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Then I would I suggest you to go for Amazon RDS – Relational Database Service.

Basically RDS is your relational database alternative on cloud.

But what are the actual benefits and why should you go for it?

Find out everything about RDS in below fun comic.

Developer: Hey Man, I'm thinking about buying servers where I can host a SQL database for my company AWS Expert: Why are you buying servers? Why don't you use Amazon RDS where you can host your database?
Developer: Well what exactly is this RDS? And why should I be use it rather than going with traditional on premise database? AWS Expert: Amazon Relational Database Service(RDS) is a cloud service where you can host your database.
AWS Expert: If you go with on-premise database then first of all you need to buy big expensive hardware machines to host your database. You will also need to pay for the place to keep them. But with RDS, you don't need to buy any hardware or place, everything is hosted on cloud. You just specify the hardware requirement and your database will be ready for you.
AWS Expert: Plus it will take days to setup your hardware and you will need a Database Administrator who will setup your on-premise database for you. With RDS, you as developer can setup DB easily plus it will take just few minutes for your database to be up and running
AWS Expert: And when you are working on-premise database, you manually need to take care of its OS and software updates and patching.
AWS Expert: Scalability is a big challenge with on-premise. If you get sudden traffic spikes, your database might go down, if you buy too many servers and get less traffic then you end up wasting money. If you are using RDS, then RDS will automatically scale according to the traffic you get, if you are getting too many traffic then RDS will scale its storage and compute capacity. You can provision additional storage as well in minutes.
AWS Expert: Backing up your database is utmost important and you have to do that manually with on-premise database but with RDS, AWS provides automatic backup feature with point-in-time recovery for your database. RDS provides you high availability through Multi-AZ deployment which means that your database replica is present in different part of the world and your data is being replicated there. So even if your database gets down, you data is safe in other database.
AWS Expert: But if your on-premise server gets down, you will lose your database. Also RDS provides great security like encryption of data at rest and in transit, network isolation, easy setup and many more. Plus you get all the benefits such as pay only for what you use, easy to setup and supports many database engines like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server.
Developer: That's really cool man, Amazon RDS is providing many features. AWS Expert: Yeah go for it, Cloud is the Future and follow cloudforgeeks.com for cloud tutorials.

So guys I hope now you are clear about Amazon RDS and it’s features.

If you want to read such kind of comic tutorials on some specific cloud service then let me know in the comments.

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